Lanmer OÜ

was founded by Merlin Langel in 2014 in Tartu in Estonia. Lanmer OÜ was established as clinical research monitoring service provider. In 2018, company changed direction and started investing in distribution department development.

In the same year, the department for distribution of research and medical solutions was established for the markets of Baltic and Nordic countries. Since then, Lanmer has grown rapidly and is now having several world leading cooperation partners.

In parallel,

Since 2018

Lanmer continued to follow and to full-fill customer needs and determined that to offer more success for the clients in their projects, the clients also need laboratory and medical field consultation. So, now Lanmer provides clients with full support to any laboratory and medical facility planning, building, equipping and maintenance also.


Lanmer is Dedicated to

Providing innovative solutions to the Baltic scientific Research community

Enabling the development of Baltic Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries

Developing the Baltic Deep-Tech Startup community

The guiding principles of Lanmer OÜ in providing medical and laboratory equipment sales and consultation, installation, maintenance and repair service are as follows:

  • to offer innovative solutions based on the exact needs of each client.
  • to ensure customer satisfaction and trust by offering them fast, efficient and consistent service.
  • behave responsibly in business, striving for fair competition and advocating free and fair business.
  • ensure the professionalism of our team by investing in each employee training and development.
  • apply the latest technological solutions, processes and work methods that help save natural resources and allow energy to be distributed efficiently to implement our strategy and vision.
  • consistently improve its occupational health and safety activities by implementing the related management system.
  • develop an environmentally sustainable way of life for employees by sorting and reducing waste.
  • operate in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015.
  • comply with Estonian and applicable international legislation.

Lanmer values the clients` needs

for quick, reliable, and reproducible results. Because of that Lanmer offers high-quality products, innovative solutions, and excellent service.